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    Ukrainian Minstrels: And the Blind Shall Sing
    "Ukrainian Minstrels: and the blind shall sing" by Natalie Kononenko

  • Virtual Bandura Museum
  • More N. Kononenko fotos at U. of Virginia

  • [ CHRISTMAS MUSIC - click or pagedown]

    An approximate translation of Mnohaya lita is "good wishes for many years". It's a good all-around any and every congratulatory occasion type of song - a must at birthdays, weddings, engagements, annivesaries, awards, graduations, and almost any other time you have a reason to celebrate. Not appropriate for Christmas, New Year's, or funerals

      RealAudio file
    • Cheres -- From the Mountains to the Steppe

      Cheres CD Village Mountain Music of Ukraine. The Carpathians -- From here come the songs and curvy Hutsul melodies of troista muzyka -- the traditional trio of instruments, including the violin, flute, and tsymbaly, or hammered dulcimer. Listen to 3.5 minutes of Clips from the CD. First download a FREE copy of RealAudio v.5 or higher.

    • Concerto No. 1: Allegro moderato
    • Ola H. Oliynyk - Bandura

      Ola Herasymenko Oliynyk - Bandura

      Three Concertos for Bandura and Symphony Orchestra by Yuriy Oliynyk

      Lviv Symphony Orchestra; Yuriy Lutsiv and Serhiy Burko, conductors. YVO Productions; all rights reserved; Made in USA.



    • Christmas Carols Cassette Carol of the Bells is an adaptation of an ancient Ukrainian folk song called a "shchedrivka". An arrangement by Mykola Leontovych (1877-1921) was popularized in the 1930's by Oleksander Koshyts (1875-1944), Ukrainian choir director who worked in the US and Canada. It has since become a western Christmas classic.

      The recording we include here is a rendition by the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus (UBC). It is an instrumental piece, played on the national Ukrainian string instrument "bandura."

    • Learn more about the UBC and the "bandura" (Use your browser "back button" to return)
    • See the contents of this cassette tape (Use your browser "back button" to return)

    • SILENT NIGHT (Stille Nacht, Tykha Nich)

    • A Bandura Christmas CD
      1. Today We Sing -- "Let us all sing to proclaim the glory of the Son of God."
      2. A New Joy Has Arisen --
      3. Adeste Fideles -- "O Come All Ye Faithful".
      4. The Landlord's Carol --

      5. Christmas Motives -- г A triptych of favorite Ukrainian seasonal songs featuring the bandurists.
      6. In Bethlehem --
      7. Let Us Rejoice --
      8. Shchedryk --

      9. On the River Jordan --
      10. The News in Bethlehem --
      11. I Wonder as I Wander --
      12. The Saints --
      13. Throughout the World --
      14. O, Holy Night -- , ͳ
      15. Shchedryk --
      16. Silent Night -- Stille Nacht, sung in English, German, and Ukrainian.
      17. Oh, Koliada! -- !
      18. God Eternal --

      Performed by the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus. Oleh Mahlay, Artistic Director

    • Learn more about the UBC and the "bandura" (Use your browser "back button" to return)

    • PO VSIOMU SVITU (All Over the World)
    • Koliaduym Razom CD

      Koliaduymo Razom! (Let's Carol)

      1. Boh Predvichny
      2. Vozveselimsia Vsi
      3. Razom Nyni
      4. Vo Vyfleyemi
      5. Vitay Isuse
      6. Nebo i Zemlia
      7. Nova Radist' Stala
      8. Vinshuvannia
      9. Na Nebi Zirka
      10. Po Vsiomu Svitu
      11. Dar Nyni Prebohaty
      12. Vselennaya Veselysia
      13. Boh Narodyvsia
      14. Dobryj Vechir Tobi
      15. Vinshuvannia

      The perfect "sing along" recording of popular christmas carols. Produced, recorded and distributed by Ukrainian Book Store, 10215 - 97 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T5J OL5, Canada; All rights reserved

    Sing and Rejoice Cassette - Lastiva Ensemble


    • Listen to the voices of Lastivka Ensemble put words to the music of the same shchedryk that you heard above.

    • Koly ne bulo z nashchada svita -- In the beginning

    • Koly ne bulo z nashchada svita (In the beginning) is a solo performed by Valentina Shaforost. The unusual style in which this song is performed, known as "primitiv", echoes the ancient melodic voices of the earliest inhabitants of Ukrainian lands. (4 min.)

    • V Veflejemi novyna -- The Wonder of Bethlehem

    • V Veflejemi novyna (The Wonder of Bethlehem) is a solo performed by Zoryana Kovbasniuk.

      From the cassette "Sing and Rejoice" (Dnes' Pojushche) by Lastivka Ensemble.

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