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    Ukrainian Minstrels: And the Blind Shall Sing
    "Ukrainian Minstrels: and the blind shall sing" by Natalie Kononenko

  • Virtual Bandura Museum
  • More N. Kononenko fotos at U. of Virginia

    • Christmas
      Learn about the Feast of St. Nicholas, Christmas Eve Vechera (Dinner), caroling, ornaments, and Malanka (New Year's).

    • Easter
      Holy Days, traditions, pysanky, recipes, ...

    • Kobzari/lirnyky
      Kobzari are folk professional minstrels unique to Ukraine -- special because they were blind. Compiled by Natalie Kononenko

    • Wedding FAQ
      This "FAQ" of the Ukrainian traditions was compiled by for the benefit of the non-Ukrainian guests attending a Ukrainian wedding in North America. Welcome to Tanya and Koko’s wedding!

    • Wedding I
      Traditional wedding rituals from Central Ukraine compiled by Natalie Kononenko, professor of Slavic Languages, Literatures, and Folklore at the University of Virginia

    • Wedding II More Wedding Photos
      Compiled by Natalie Kononenko

    • Wedding III
      Images from another traditional Ukrainian village wedding.

    • Recipes
      Varenyky (dumplings/pierogies), holubtsi (stuffed cabbage), borshch (beet soup) and more, brought to you by the folks at the Ukrainian Heritage Festival in Yonkers, NY.

    • Message Board "Ask Pani Natalka"
      Ukrainian traditions, folklore bulletin board. Ask "pani Natalka" your questions about traditional Ukrainian weddings, symbolism in Ukrainian folklore, or information on obscure rituals by posting to this bulletin board.

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