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  • 'A state sponsor of terrorism'. Yuri Shymko President of the International Council in Support of Ukraine syas Russia is a rogue state and Putin should be tried by the ICC. (VIDEO) (CTV News) 07/22/2014
  • Ukraine: Anvil of the New Cold War [BRAMA: DISINFORMATION. Article written by Tom Hayden, another Putin apologist (like Stephen Cohen) in a pro-Russian publication (run and partly owned by Stephen Cohen's wife, Katrina vanden Heuvel] (The Nation) 07/22/2014
  • Editorial: An Outrage Compounded by Mystery. Putins Unconvincing Words on Flight 17 in Ukraine (The New York Times) 07/22/2014
  • UK gov't announces inquiry on Russian spy death [the 2006 death of poisoned ex-Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko] (Yahoo/AP) 07/22/2014
  • Russian-fed conspiracy theories on Ukraine crash [Report on Russian disinformation, this time to confuse the truth about the Malaysian plane downed by Russian-led terrorists in Ukraine] (Yahoo/AP) 07/22/2014
  • Russia under fire as Obama calls crash site chaos 'insult' (Yahoo/AFP) 07/22/2014
  • Putin vows to use influence on Ukraine rebels, rejects Western meddling [BRAMA: Putin has done enough of his own meddling!] (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/22/2014
  • Defying allies, France to deliver first warship to Russia (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/22/2014
  • Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko: The world must choose sides (+VIDEO) (CNN) 07/22/2014
  • Once joined in Soviet Union, Ukraine, Russia never further apart (Reuters) 07/22/2014
  • PETITION: Move the 2018 World Cup to The Netherlands ( 07/22/2014
  • Europes self-imposed blindness toward Russia (Euractiv) 07/22/2014
  • Kremlin security aide says Ukrainian authorities are West's 'henchmen' (Reuters) 07/22/2014
  • Ukraine: Tycoon to Launch English-Language News Network [Funded by Igor Kolomoisky, Ukraine Today, the country's only English-language network, wants to be Ukraine's answer to Russia Today.] (Hollywood Reporter) 07/22/2014
  • MH17: U.S. Points Finger at Russia, Russia Deflects Blame (VIDEO) (The Wall Street Journal) 07/22/2014

  • Obama Denounces Russia and Separatists for Obstructing Crash Site (The New York Times) 07/21/2014
  • Ukraine, U.S. leaders lash out at Russia over conditions of access to Flight 17 crash site (WHNT/CNN) 07/21/2014
  • The President Gives an Update on Ukraine and Gaza (VIDEO) ( 07/21/2014
  • Clinton: US, Europe should get tough on Russia (Yahoo/AP) 07/21/2014
  • President [Poroshenko] called on the U.S. Congress to recognize militants in the East of Ukraine terrorists ( 07/21/2014
  • Obama, Polish president discuss need for unity after downing of plane (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/21/2014
  • U.S. Vice President Biden says Putin has no soul: New Yorker (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/21/2014
  • The Biden Agenda. Reckoning with Ukraine and Iraq, and keeping an eye on 2016. (The New Yorker) 07/21/2014
  • Putin's last chance? World leaders voice outrage over MH17 (Christian Science Monitor) 07/21/2014
  • From the Kursk to MH17, Putin Just Doesn't Care (The Moscow Times) 07/21/2014
  • Russian Pop Stars Banned From Entering Latvia Over Ukraine Crisis (The Moscow Times) 07/21/2014
  • Russia Needs Dissidents Like Novodvorskaya (The Moscow Times) 07/21/2014
  • It Wasnt Us! Russian Generals Scour The Internet For MH17 Theories. At an eerie Cold War-style press conference, Russia suggested Ukraine or the U.S. might have downed the plane. (Buzzfeed) 07/21/2014
  • Kerry makes case against Russia in Malaysia plane's downing (Chicago Tribune/Reuters) 07/21/2014
  • Republicans urge tougher Russia sanctions after crash (Yahoo/AFP) 07/21/2014
  • U.S. presses case against Russia on downed jet as horror deepens (Reuters) 07/21/2014
  • Russian Billionaires in Horror as Putin Risks Isolation (Bloomberg) 07/21/2014
  • Putin Says MH17 Crash Shouldnt Be Used for Politics (Bloomberg) 07/21/2014
  • Obama to make statement on Ukraine: White House, Monday at 10:50 a.m. (1450 GMT) (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/21/2014
  • The Suns of August. Flight 17: Ukraines War and Europes Passivity. By Roger Cohen (The New York Times) 07/21/2014
  • -777 / Russia canceled four flights on the border with Ukraine one hour before the fall of the Boeing-777 (Espresso TV) 07/21/2014

  • Russians Will Suffer in Putin's New Cold War (The Moscow Times) 07/20/2014
  • John Kerry, Secretary of State: Interview With Bob Schieffer of CBS's Face the Nation ( 07/20/2014
  • John Kerry, Secretary of State: Interview With Candy Crowley of CNN's State of the Union ( 07/20/2014
  • John Kerry, Secretary of State: Interview With David Gregory of NBC's Meet the Press ( 07/20/2014
  • John Kerry, Secretary of State: Interview With George Stephanopoulos of ABC's This Week ( 07/20/2014
  • John Kerry, Secretary of State: Interview With Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday ( 07/20/2014
  • Op-ed: Ukraine plane tragedy should ease partisan rancor (San Francisco Chronicle) 07/20/2014
  • Ukrainian church in New Haven holds memorial service for plane crash victims (New Haven Register) 07/20/2014
  • U.S. presses case against Russia on downed jet as horror deepens (Global Post/Reuters) 07/20/2014
  • Kerry Says Russia Trained Separatists to Use Antiaircraft Missiles (The New York Times) 07/20/2014
  • As Anger Rises Over Crash, Malaysian Government Is Reluctant to Assign Blame (The New York Times) 07/20/2014
  • Op-ed: Russia's Anti-West Isolationism [Maxim Trudolyubov is the opinion page editor of the business newspaper Vedomosti] (The New York Times) 07/20/2014
  • An atrocity waiting to happen in Putins mad, lying world. By Timpothy Snyder (London Times) 07/20/2014
  • Tragedy in Ukraine. There can be no dissembling: the loss of Flight MH17was a direct result of a conflict fuelled deliberately by Moscow (London Times) 07/20/2014
  • Putin obstructing MH17 probe, UK says (London Times) 07/20/2014
  • Supporters of Ukraine turn out to mourn victims of downed jetliner (Philadelphia Inquirer) 07/20/2014
  • US outlines case against Russia on downed plane (Yahoo/AP) 07/20/2014
  • Obama, Australian PM call for plane investigation (Yahoo/AP) 07/20/2014
  • Kerry: Ukraine rebels likely downed passenger jet (Yahoo/AP) 07/20/2014
  • US says recordings of Ukraine rebels admitting MH17 downing 'authentic' (Yahoo/AFP) 07/20/2014
  • US lays out 'evidence' against rebels in MH17 disaster (Yahoo/AFP) 07/20/2014
  • Putin Never Backs Down Even When He Would Benefit, Moscow Commentator Says (Window on Eurasia) 07/20/2014
  • The West Intends to Destroy Russia So Russia Must Put Its House in Order, Russian Nationalist Site Says (Window on Eurasia) 07/20/2014
  • Belief in Unchanging Russian National Character a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, Moscow Sociologist Says (Window on Eurasia) 07/20/2014
  • Eurasianism Rapidly Evolving into Russian Fascism, Kantor Says (Window on Eurasia) 07/20/2014
  • Op-ed: Will Flight 17 sober us up? (Washington Post) 07/20/2014

  • Jen Psaki: Lack of Access at Crash Site of MH17 ( 07/19/2014
  • Russia Expands List of Barred Americans (The New York Times) 07/19/2014
  • Among the Victims: One U.S. Citizen and a Dutch Student at Indiana (The New York Times) 07/19/2014
  • Russia bans congressman, 12 other Americans (Yahoo/AP) 07/19/2014
  • For Obama, foreign crises grow more challenging (Yahoo/AP) 07/19/2014
  • American in Ukraine crash had lived in New Jersey (Yahoo/AP) 07/19/2014
  • US 'deeply concerned' over Ukraine crash site access (Yahoo/AFP) 07/19/2014
  • Obama says downing of plane a 'wake-up call' for Europe over Ukraine conflict (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/19/2014

  • If Ukraine rebels shot down MH17, Russia could reap the whirlwind (Christian Science Monitor) 07/18/2014
  • Bitter Lessons for Kyiv in South Caucasus. By Christopher Johnston (World Affairs Journal) 07/18/2014
  • Why Reset Failed: Diplomacy with Rogues Rarely Works (World Affairs Journal) 07/18/2014
  • The Malaysia Airlines Disaster Is Vladimir Putin's Lockerbie Bombing. By Adrian Karatnycky (New Republic) 07/18/2014
  • Where Are Putin's American Admirers Now? Let's not forgot those who praised the 'brilliant' Russian president (New Republic) 07/18/2014
  • Will MH17 tragedy shock Europe into action on Ukraine? (Christian Science Monitor) 07/18/2014
  • Vigil Held In Philly For Flight MH17 Victims (Fox) 07/18/2014
  • Op-ed: The Malaysia Airlines crash is the end of Russias fairy tale. By Anne Applebaum (Washington Post) 07/18/2014
  • Putins Deadly Doctrine. Protecting Russians in Ukraine Has Fatal Consequences. By TIMOTHY GARTON ASH (The New York Times) 07/18/2014
  • Local Ukrainians Gather to Remember Crash Victims (VIDEO) (NBC) 07/18/2014
  • Ukrainians from our area (Northeast, Pa. USA) react to plane tragedy (WNEP) 07/18/2014
  • -777 / Russia canceled four flights on the border with Ukraine one hour before the fall of the Boeing-777 (Espresso TV) 07/18/2014
  • Factbox - World figures comment on downing of Malaysian airliner (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/18/2014
  • Pro-Russian rebels say welcome OSCE, Kiev experts to crash site (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/18/2014
  • Fidel Castro blames Ukrainian government for taking down plane (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/18/2014
  • World leaders demand answers after airliner downed over Ukraine with 298 dead (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/18/2014
  • West Wont Provide Real Help to Ukraine Barring a Full-Scale War, Illarionov Says (Window on Eurasia) 07/18/2014
  • U.S. Officials Threaten 'Severe Consequences' for Russia Over Crash (The Moscow Times) 07/18/2014
  • Ukrainian Buk battery radar was operational when Malaysian plane downed - Moscow [BRAMA: deliberate attempt by Russia Today (Russian government-controlled media co) to create confusion about who is responsible for killing 298 people on Malaysian passenger jet] (Russia Today) 07/18/2014
  • U.S. FBI, transport investigators headed to Ukraine after crash (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/18/2014
  • Australian PM Angry At Russia's 'Unsatisfactory' Response To Plane Crash (RFE/RL) 07/18/2014
  • World Leaders Match Anger With Calls for Inquiry Into Ukraine Plane Crash (The New York Times) 07/18/2014
  • Russia Denies Role in Downing of Airliner (The New York Times) 07/18/2014
  • TODAY at the UN: 9:45 AM ET Security Council media stakeouts (Ukraine); 10 am- 1pm ET Security Council: 7219th meeting - Letter dated 28 February 2014 from the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations addressed to the President of the Security Council (S/2014/136) (United Nations) 07/18/2014

  • Obama, Poroshenko stress evidence from plane crash must stay in Ukraine (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/17/2014
  • US pilots previously told not to fly over Ukraine (Yahoo/AP) 07/17/2014
  • White House warns against removal of plane evidence (Yahoo/AFP) 07/17/2014
  • Obama calls leaders of Ukraine, Malaysia about downed plane (Yahoo/AFP) 07/17/2014
  • Readout of the Presidents Call with President Poroshenko of Ukraine ( 07/17/2014
  • President Obama Responds to Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 ( 07/17/2014
  • U.N. Security Council to meet on Friday on Ukraine (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/17/2014
  • Statement by the Press Secretary on Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 ( 07/17/2014
  • Pentagon Official: Russians Likely Responsible For Shooting Down Malaysia Plane (Daily Caller) 07/17/2014
  • Russian Roulette (Dispatch 58). VICE News interviews American Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt (VIDEO) (VICE News) 07/17/2014
  • Obama warns Putin of more sanctions over Ukraine crisis (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/17/2014
  • Obama calls Kerry, national security team about Malaysian plane (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/17/2014
  • Obama urges unimpeded investigation of downed plane in call with Dutch PM (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/17/2014
  • John McCain: Profound Repercussions If Russia Involved In Plane Crash (Buzzfeed) 07/17/2014
  • AP Interview: Ukraine blames Russia for crash [Yuriy Sergeyev] (Yahoo/AP) 07/17/2014
  • US intel says Malaysian plane shot down by missile (Yahoo/AP) 07/17/2014
  • Britain asks for emergency UN meeting on Ukraine (Yahoo/AP) 07/17/2014
  • Obama, Putin discuss Malaysia plane incident (Yahoo/AP) 07/17/2014
  • Obama: Downed jet in Ukraine a 'terrible tragedy' (Yahoo/AP) 07/17/2014
  • Secretary of State John Kerry: Crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in Eastern Ukraine ( 07/17/2014
  • Press conference by Ambassador Yuriy Sergeyev, Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations, briefing on the current political and security situation in Ukraine (VIDEO) (United Nations) 07/17/2014
  • Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General on Syria, Gaza and the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight in Ukraine (VIDEO) (United Nations) 07/17/2014
  • U.S. Officials Say They Suspect SA-11 or SA-20 Missiles Brought Down Malaysia Jet (The New York Times) 07/17/2014
  • Putin Criticizes U.S. Over New Sanctions (The New York Times) 07/17/2014
  • Germany: American Spy Chief Leaves (The New York Times) 07/17/2014
  • Russian Reliance on Chinese Loans May Blunt the Impact of U.S. Sanctions (The New York Times) 07/17/2014
  • Editorial: Vladimir Putin Can Stop This War. Downing of Malaysia Jet Is a Call to End Ukraine Conflict (The New York Times) 07/17/2014
  • U.S. Urges 'Immediate' Cease-Fire To Allow Crash Probe (RFE/RL) 07/17/2014
  • If Past Is Prologue, EU Needs To Up Its Game With Russia (RFE/RL) 07/17/2014
  • U.S. Vice President Says Malaysian Plane 'Apparently Shot Down' (RFE/RL) 07/17/2014
  • BP says new sanctions on Russia appear to target access to markets (Reuters) 07/17/2014
  • 56 years, 89 titles and a single story about Ukraine (VIDEO by Andriy Pryymachenko; 33:43 min) (Vimeo) 07/17/2014
  • Putin Criticizes U.S. Over New Sanctions (The New York Times) 07/17/2014
  • Russia condemns 'evil' new US sanctions (Al Jazeera) 07/17/2014
  • Putin: Washington Is Bullying (The Daily Beast) 07/17/2014
  • Obama Expands Sanctions Against Russia Over Action In Ukraine. The president said the sanctions are significant but they are also targeted and are designed to send a message to Russian leaders. (Buzzfeed) 07/17/2014
  • Ukrainian Events Providing Cover for Moscow to Take Unpopular Measures at Home, Polukhin Says (Window on Eurasia) 07/17/2014
  • Obama Just Hit Russia With New Sanctions. Here's What It Means. By Julia Ioffe (New Republic) 07/17/2014
  • Russia Calls U.S. Sanctions Over Ukraine 'Primitive' Revenge (The Moscow Times/Reuters) 07/17/2014
  • Germany's Daimler Backs Out of KamAZ Stake Increase (The Moscow Times/Reuters) 07/17/2014
  • Medvedev Says Evil Sanctions Could Lead to Defense Spending Hike (The Moscow Times/Reuters) 07/17/2014
  • Putin Denies Russia Reopening Cold War Spy Base in Cuba (The Moscow Times) 07/17/2014
  • Op-ed: New Russia sanctions are hollow as the old. By Leonid Bershidsky (Bloomberg) 07/17/2014
  • Obama cites Russia's support for separatists, violations of Ukraine's sovereignty in new sanctions push (VIDEO) (Kyiv Post) 07/17/2014
  • Op-ed: US delivers 'seismic hit' to Russia with new sanctions. By Timothy Ash (Kyiv Post) 07/17/2014
  • TODAY at the UN: 10:30 AM ET Live press conference by Ambassador Yuriy Sergeyev, Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations, who will brief on the current political and security situation in Ukraine (United Nations) 07/17/2014
  • Japan wary as US, Europe up sanctions on Russia (Yahoo/AP) 07/17/2014
  • Obama: keep calm amid global turmoil (Yahoo/AFP) 07/17/2014
  • Ukraine hails sanctions as Russian stocks plunge (Yahoo/AFP) 07/17/2014
  • For US and Europe, divisions over Russia penalties (Yahoo/AP) 07/17/2014
  • Russia dismisses US sanctions as 'bullying' (Yahoo/AP) 07/17/2014
  • Putin: US sanctions hurt bilateral ties, US firms (Yahoo/AP) 07/17/2014
  • Russia condemns 'primitive' U.S. sanctions over Ukraine (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/17/2014
  • Russia says EU blackmailed by Washington into tougher sanctions (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/17/2014
  • PM hints at more Russian defense spending after sanctions (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/17/2014
  • Ukraine prime minister says Russia unable to split EU, U.S. (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/17/2014
  • Moscow-based European business lobby says sanctions will hit growth (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/17/2014
  • Russia's Novatek says major projects to go ahead despite sanctions (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/17/2014
  • COLUMN-U.S. over-reaches with sanctions on Russian energy firms: Kemp (Reuters) 07/17/2014
  • New sanctions hit Russian assets, spook world shares (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/17/2014

  • Op-ed: The Vicious Art of Swapping Words for Deeds, or Who Will Hold Mr. Putin Accountable? By Olga Bielkova [Ukraine MP] (Huffington Post) 07/16/2014
  • Russia Is Firing Missiles at Ukraine. As the U.S. slaps additional sanctions on Moscow and Donetsk separatists, new evidence emerges that short-range rockets are being launched from Russia into Ukraine (Foreign Policy) 07/16/2014
  • Der Westen muss die Ukraine retten [German] (Zeit) 07/16/2014
  • Ukrainian Poet from New York Vasyl Makhno Visits Israel (UJE) 07/16/2014
  • Russia Plans to Reopen Post in Cuba for Spying (The New York Times) 07/16/2014
  • Raising Stakes on Russia, U.S. Adds Sanctions (The New York Times) 07/16/2014
  • President Obama Delivers A Statement On Ukraine. Address from the White House after the U.S. escalated sanctions against Russia Wednesday over the crisis in Ukraine [Ukraine statement begins 4:25] (+VIDEO) (Buzzfeed) 07/16/2014
  • The President Makes a Statement on Foreign Policy (VIDEO) ( 07/16/2014
  • U.S. Announces More Sanctions on Russia (Mashable) 07/16/2014
  • Pentagon: More Russian troops on Ukraine border (Yahoo/AP) 07/16/2014
  • US, EU stiffen sanctions against Russia over Ukraine (Yahoo/AFP) 07/16/2014
  • Putin says US sanctions stalemate bilateral ties (Yahoo/AP) 07/16/2014
  • Putin says sanctions inflict 'serious damage' to US-Russia ties (Yahoo/AFP) 07/16/2014
  • U.S. sanctions will take Russia relations to a dead end: Putin (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/16/2014
  • Obama Widens Sanctions Against Russia in Ukraine Face-Off (The New York Times) 07/16/2014
  • Whats Rong with Wrussia? By Alexander J. Motyl (World Affairs Journal) 07/16/2014
  • Okean Elzy performing at Webster Hall in New York City, October 17 2014 (website) 07/16/2014
  • Vitalii Sediuk apologises for Hollywood pranks (Bang Showbiz) 07/16/2014
  • Blog: Whats News in Washington: Boehner Moves Ahead With Plan to Sue Obama (The New York Times) 07/16/2014
  • Russia 'agrees to reopen Cuba spy base' (Yahoo/AFP) 07/16/2014
  • U.S. preparing unilateral sanctions on Russia (Yahoo/AP) 07/16/2014
  • Ukraine slates Merkel for cosying up to Putin at World Cup as bitter virals compare her to Hitlers right hand man von Ribbentrop (Daily Mail) 07/16/2014

  • Ruslana performs at Soyuzivka, greets audience, July 13, 2014 (VIDEO by Damian Kolodiy) (YouTube) 07/15/2014
  • The Sources of Putin's Conduct. The only way to contain Moscow is to understand that theres still a Cold Warrior in the Kremlin (Foreign Policy) 07/15/2014
  • Obama, Germany's Merkel speak amid spying flap (Yahoo/AP) 07/15/2014
  • BEST NEIGHBORHOOD ART MUSEUM IN CHIGAGO: Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (Chicago Magazine) 07/15/2014
  • Biden to Ukraine: US, Europe weighing Russia costs (Yahoo/AP) 07/15/2014
  • Obama seeks to ease Germany's concerns on spying (Yahoo/AP) 07/15/2014
  • Global turbulence tests US alliances (Yahoo/AFP) 07/15/2014
  • Whisked Away for Tea With a Rebel in Ukraine (The New York Times) 07/15/2014
  • Readout of the Presidents Call with Chancellor Merkel of Germany ( 07/15/2014
  • Readout of the Vice President's Call with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko ( 07/15/2014
  • Press Briefing by Press Secretary Josh Earnest, 7/15/2014 ( 07/15/2014
  • U.S. Says Russia Is Stoking Ukraine Conflict Before Talks (Bloomberg) 07/15/2014
  • Russia asks envoys to visit town it says was hit by Ukraine shelling (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/15/2014
  • Going in circles? The White House on when well actually get tougher with Putin over Ukraine... (New York Daily News) 07/15/2014
  • Russia demands United States releases accused hacker immediately (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/15/2014
  • Bloomberg: US ready to impose tougher sanctions on Russia unilaterally (Ukrainian Week) 07/15/2014
  • U.S. Pressing EU Envoys for Added Russia Sanctions (Bloomberg) 07/15/2014
  • Skater Oksana Baiul ordered to pay NY legal fees. NY judge orders Skater Oksana Baiul to pay legal fees for dismissed lawsuit against NBC (Yahoo/AP) 07/15/2014

  • Russia: Last WW2 German Prisoner Finally Released from Gulag ['Russian authorities had detained illegally a German Citizen for 70 years, who was only 14 years old at the time of his imprisonment] (World News Daily) 07/14/2014
  • Russia's Centuries-Long Modernization Project Has Come to an End. The Crimea campaign is an attempt by to find a new purpose for the state (New Republic) 07/14/2014
  • Podcast: Russia's Annexation Of Crimea Worries Baltic Nation Of Latvia (NPR) 07/14/2014
  • Podcast: Slobodan's Ghost [There's a specter haunting Vladimir Putin -- the specter of Slobodan Milosevic] (RFE/RL) 07/14/2014
  • John Kerry, Secretary of State: Remarks at the Tri-Mission Vienna Meeting With Staff and Families ( 07/14/2014
  • Worldview: In Ukraine, some good news on foreign policy (Philadel[phia Inquirer) 07/14/2014
  • Ukrainian Archeparchy of Philadelphia to invite families persecuted for faith to 2015 gathering (Catholic Philly) 07/14/2014
  • Fact Sheet: Russia's Continuing Support for Armed Separatists in Ukraine and Ukraine's Efforts Toward Peace, Unity, and Stability ( 07/14/2014
  • Britain and US in Ukraine peace bid (Dunstable Today) 07/14/2014

  • Swedish FM Carl Bildt: POTUS handle on Ukraine crisis 'better than he's given credit for' (CNN) 07/13/2014
  • Biden offers condolences over Ukraine deaths (Yahoo/AP) 07/13/2014
  • Obama, Cameron discuss foreign policy hot spots (Yahoo/AP) 07/13/2014
  • Putin a 'Ray of Light' on Latin America Tour (The Moscow Times) 07/13/2014

  • Canada imposes further sanctions against Ukraine [BRAMA: against members of pro-Russian separatist groups, that is] (Yahoo/AP) 07/12/2014
  • A list of Canada's sanctions against Russia and Ukraine (CTV) 07/12/2014
  • Biden tells Ukraine's Poroshenko US will press Russia over rebels (Guardian) 07/12/2014
  • Behind German Spy Cases, Twists Worthy of Films (The New York Times) 07/12/2014
  • Indicted Russian's family say he's innocent (Yahoo/AP) 07/12/2014
  • EU names rebel leaders in Ukraine hit with sanctions (Reuters) 07/12/2014
  • Britain snubs Russian airshow officials in protest over Ukraine (Reuters) 07/12/2014
  • Biden calls Ukraine leader, offers condolences (Yahoo/AFP) 07/12/2014

  • The dissolution of the Soviet Union. Ukraines role and how Mikhail Gorbachev, George HW Bush and Boris Yeltsin were resistant to the break-up. The Last Empire: The Final Days of the Soviet Union by Serhii Plokhy; book review by John Lloyd (Financial Times) 07/11/2014
  • The 'Well-Known Art Gallery' In Prague Being Hailed By Russian State TV is actually in the 'nondescript fifth-floor hallway in the building housing the Czech communist party'. (RFE/RL) 07/11/2014
  • As EU Decides Russia Sanctions July 16, Will the US Have to Lead on Its Own? (Atlantic Council) 07/11/2014
  • Ex-US envoy calls for sanctions against Russian banks, energy sector (Ukrainian Journal) 07/11/2014
  • Blurred Lines Between War and Peace (The American Interest) 07/11/2014
  • Canada's John Baird announces more sanctions in Ukraine crisis (CBC) 07/11/2014
  • Obama names Tefft as new US ambassador to Russia (Yahoo/AP) 07/11/2014
  • Russian lawmaker says son, detained by U.S., needs medicine (Reuters) 07/11/2014
  • Cargill plant in Ukraine occupied by armed group (Reuters) 07/11/2014
  • Putin arrives in Cuba on first stop of Lat-Am tour [Analysts say Putin will use his talks in Latin America to thumb his nose at Brussels and Washington...] (Yahoo/AFP) 07/11/2014
  • Putin condemns 'hypocrisy' of Western cyber-espionage (Yahoo/AFP) 07/11/2014

  • Bedside Brides: Wounded Ukraine Soldiers Wed in Hospital (NBC) 07/10/2014
  • Why Moldova Urgently Matters (RealClearWorld) 07/10/2014
  • Contradictions Define Kremlin Apologists. By Alexander J. Motyl (World Affairs Journal) 07/10/2014
  • Biden, Ukraine leader discuss cease-fire efforts (Yahoo/AP) 07/10/2014
  • Man linked to Nazi police dies in Michigan at 93 [John Kalymon] (Yahoo/AP) 07/10/2014
  • Ukraine's Poroshenko tells Biden that ceasefire offers rebuffed (Reuters) 07/10/2014
  • A Kremlin Reset Putin from Defender of the Russian World to Peacemaker (Window on Eurasia) 07/10/2014
  • For love of country, Ukrainians don patriotic symbols (Kyiv Post) 07/10/2014

  • Tenth anniversary of Forbes magazine editors death grim reminder of impunity in Russia, says OSCE representative [Paul Klebnikov, former Chief Editor of the Russian edition of Forbes Magazine, was shot and killed on 9 July 2004] (OSCE) 07/09/2014
  • Where Are the Russia Sanctions? Senate Hawks Ask Obama Administration (Foreign Policy) 07/09/2014
  • Worldwide Opinion Sours On Russia (Huffington Post) 07/09/2014
  • Germans probe 2nd spy case reportedly involving US (Yahoo/AP) 07/09/2014
  • US senators press for more sanctions on Russia (Yahoo/AP) 07/09/2014

  • Blog: Ukraines impact on Russia. By Nicu Popescu ( 07/08/2014
  • After Arrest of Accused Hacker, Russia Accuses U.S. of Kidnapping (The New York Times) 07/08/2014
  • NATO Chief Warns of Duplicity by Putin on Ukraine (The New York Times) 07/08/2014
  • Moscow accuses U.S. of 'kidnapping' accused Russian hacker (Yahoo/Reuters) 07/08/2014
  • Inside Vladimir Putin's Mind: Looking Back in Anger. By Nina L. Khrushcheva (World Affairs Journal) 07/08/2014
  • Germany weighs how to hit back in US spying row (Yahoo/AFP) 07/08/2014
  • Moscow accuses Washington of 'abducting Russian MP's son' (Yahoo/AFP) 07/08/2014

  • How Putin compelled NATO to help Ukraine. Russias resurgence and its threat to collective security has given the alliance a renewed sense of mission. By Alexander J. Motyl (Al Jazeera) 07/07/2014
  • Russian media allege US RAND Corporation plan to kill militants (KHPG) 07/07/2014
  • West Must Accept Crimean Anschluss Because of Putins Good Behavior Elsewhere, Russian Analyst Says (Window on Eurasia) 07/07/2014
  • Soviet Defector's Trove Of KGB Secrets Made Public (RFE/RL) 07/07/2014
  • French, US leaders press for Ukraine cease-fire (Yahoo/AP) 07/07/2014

  • Ukraine urged to 'turn away from destructive path' [BRAMA: DISINFORMATION WARNING. Unsigned article on US-based pro-Russian website] (The Nation) 07/05/2014
  • Putin Lives in an Alternative Universe and Expects Everyone to Join Him There, Golts Says (Window on Eurasia) 07/05/2014

  • Merkel and Obama talk Ukraine, push for peace talks (Deutsche Welle) 07/04/2014

  • Putin: Ukraine is a Battlefield for the New World Order (Eurasia Daily Monitor) 07/03/2014
  • Latvian NATO Center to Counter Russia 'Propaganda' (Defense News) 07/03/2014
  • Ukraine Jewish Group Loses Funding Over Russia Criticism [Euro-Asian Jewish Congress organization headed by pro-Ukrainian Josef Zissels] (Jewish Daily Forward) 07/03/2014
  • Medvedev: U.S. 'Infinitely Cynical' to Suggest Ukraine Refugees Visiting Their Grannies (The Moscow Times) 07/03/2014
  • Movie Posters Showing Obama as Ape Explained as Guerilla Art (The Moscow Times) 07/03/2014
  • More Ukrainians press 'like' for VKontakte, not Facebook (Kyiv Post) 07/03/2014

  • Stalinism Is Back In Style (The Moscow Times) 07/02/2014
  • Putin Inflates Russian World Identity, Claims Protection Rights. By Vladimir Socor (Eurasia Daily Monitor) 07/02/2014
  • Putin's NATO Fears Are Groundless. By Steven Pifer (The Moscow Times) 07/02/2014
  • Editorial: Ukraine's Independence Day. Good news: It's been a terrible few days for Russian President Vladimir Putin's grand ambition to resurrect the former Soviet Union and bear-hug neighboring countries into submission... (Chicago Tribune) 07/02/2014

  • US reported preparing fresh round of sanctions against Russians (Ukrainian Journal) 07/01/2014
  • NATO Should Buy French-built Warships. By Eliot Engel (World Affairs Journal) 07/01/2014
  • US presses Russia to stop backing Ukraine separatists (Yahoo/AFP) 07/01/2014
  • Putins Zugzwang: The Russia-Ukraine Standoff. By Alexander J. Motyl (World Affairs Journal) 07/01/2014
  • Tougher Sanctions Now: Putins Delusional Quest for Empire (World Affairs Journal) 07/01/2014
  • When Gorbachev was a Dictator (Window on Eurasia) 07/01/2014
  • Its Time to Rethink the Wests Approach to Belarus (Window on Eurasia) 07/01/2014
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