Laws of Ukraine:
Business Entities, Bankruptcy and Labor

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These documents were supplied courtesy of the Trade Mission of Ukraine, NY Regional office.  Questions regarding the legislation of Ukraine should be addressed to the Trade Mission of Ukraine.
Bankruptcy Law
  • The Law of Ukraine on Bankruptcy;  Dated May 14, 1992 (Vidomosti of the Supreme Rada, No. 31, item 440) as amended to March 14, 1995
  • Laws re: Business Entities
  • Decree of the President of Ukraine Corporatization of Enterprises  June 15, 1993 as amended to Jan. 22. 1994
  • Law of Ukraine on Economic (Business) Associations  19.09.91   Original 1991 Version
  • Law of Ukraine on Business (Economic) Associations 19.09.91 amended to March 14, 1995
  • Law of Ukrainian SSR on Enterpreneurial Activity 07.02.91
  • Labor Law
  • Commentary on Labor Law Developments Baker & Mckenzie, May 1996
  • Law of Ukraine On Employment of March 1, 1991, No. 803-XII (published in "Visnyk Verkhovnoyi Rady" (VVR), 1991, No.14, p.170)