Privatization; State Enterprise Regulation

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The following documents were supplied courtesy of the Trade Mission of Ukraine, NY Regional Office.   Questions regarding the legislation of Ukraine should be addressed to the Trade Mission of Ukraine.
  • Resolution of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine on Provisional Ordinance on the State Property Fund of Ukraine
  • Act of the Supreme Council of Ukraine on Approving Coefficient of Conversion of Privatization Property Certificates and Housing Cheques; No. 17/95-BP of 31 January 1996
  • Order of the President of Ukraine on Tasks and Peculiarities of Privatization of State-Owned Property in 1996; No. 194/96 of 19 March 1996
  • Law of Ukraine on Privatization of Small State Enterprises (Small Privatization) 12.04.92
  • Law of Ukraine on Privatization of Property of State-Owned Enterprises (Enacted by the Resolution of the Supreme Council of Ukraine N 2164 -12 of 4 March 1992)
  • State Program For the Privatization of the Property of State-Owned Enterprises.
  • Law of Ukraine on Leasing of Assets of State-Owned Enterprises and Organizations
  • Law of Ukraine on the Leasing of Property of State Enterprises and Organizations
  • Decree of Cabinet of Ministers on Order For Use of State Enterprises, Establishments and Organizations Incomes (amended by the Law of Ukraine N 68/96 of February 23, 1996)
  • Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Resolution on Procedures for the Formulation and Placing of State Orders for the Supply of Production for State Purposes and Review of their Implementation; No. 266 of February 26, 1996, Kyiv
  • The Law of Ukraine on the Supply of Production for State Needs

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