Laws of Ukraine: Tax policy and regulation

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  • Overview of Ukrainian Tax Law;  Foreign Trade Ministry Synopsis, 1996
  • Tax Guide to Ukraine;  Ukr. Embassy Canada;  Based on Materials by Baker & McKenzie
  • Taxes in Ukraine;  Essay by  Deloitte & Touche, LLP
  • Ukraine's  New Value Added Tax (VAT) Law,  1997; Essay US Dept. of  Commerce
  • The following documents were supplied courtesy of the Trade Mission of Ukraine, NY Regional office. Questions regarding the legislation of Ukraine should be addressed to the Trade Mission of Ukraine.

  • Law of Ukraine on the National Audit Office in Ukraine; Dated January 26, 1993 #2939-XII (VVR 1993, #13, p. 110)
  • Law of Ukraine State Revenue Service in Ukraine (Enacted by SC Resolution N510-12, of December 4, 1990) (In the wording of Law of Ukraine N3813-12 of December 24, 1993) (amended and supplemented by Laws of Ukraine)
  • Law of Ukraine on Taxation System (In the wording of  Law of Ukraine #77/97 of February 18, 1997)