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                         Verkhovna Rada
   Speaker                               Ivan Pliushch 
   First Deputy Speaker                 Stepan Havrysh

                  Permanent Committe Chairmen
   Agriculture and Land Relations      Oleksandr Moroz (SPP)
   Budget                         Yulia TYMOSHENKO (Hromada)
   Construction, Transport and Telecom       Yuri Kruk (PDP)
   Culture and Spirituality                Les Taniuk (Rukh)
   Economic Policy                   Stanislav Hurenko (CPU)
   Energy sector & Nuclear Policy     Mykhailo Kovalko (PDP)
   Environmental Policy             Yuri Samoilenko (Green) 
   Finance and Banking Activities    Valeriy Alioshyn (Rukh)
   Foreign Relations and CIS             Borys Oliynyk (CPU)
   Freedom of Speech and Information issues Ivan Chyzh (SPP) 
   Health Care                         Serhiy Shevchuk (PDP)
   Human rights & Minorities        Hennadiy Udovenko (Rukh)
   Industrial Policy                   Anatoliy Kinakh (PDP)
   Law-Enforcement & Corruption      Yuri Karmazyn (Hromada)
   Legal Reform                          Vasyl Sirenko (CPU)
   National Security and Defense     Heorhiy Kriychkov (CPU)
   Pensioners, Veterans and Invalids   Victor Lutsenko (CPU)
   Rules, VR Deputies Ethics       Victor Omelych (Hromada)
   State-building & Local governance Oleksandr Kushnir (CPU)
   Science and Education        Volodymyr Semynozhenko (PDP)
   Social Policy and Labor Affairs    Yevhen Marchuk (SDP/U) 
   Youth Policy and Sports          Ivan Kyrylenko (Hromada)

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