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BRAMA Services & Media Kit Thursday, June 13, 2024, 18:20 EDT
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Thank you for your interest in BRAMA - Gateway Ukraine services.

As the vanguard among Ukrainian-related sites, BRAMA has forged the way for growth of this new medium on the Internet in focusing and representing both Ukraine and Ukrainians in the world. BRAMA offers its viewer/readership a valuable compendium of substantive and timely information about Ukraine and Ukrainians along with a set of complementary Internet-related services.

It has been and continues to be an innovator in both form and content along with being one of the busiest and most successful sites of its kind.

This BRAMA Services & Media Kit includes information about BRAMA's Internet audience and growth, advertising opportunities including ad placement and size, as well as website hosting and design offerings.

About BRAMA - Gateway Ukraine

brama - [Ukrainian] (city) gate, gateway.
-- M. L. Podvesko. Ukrainian-English Dictionary

BRAMA - Gateway Ukraine is the product of a merger of two other websites, Infomeister-Ukrainian and Ukrainian Law, forming this new and exciting resource on the web.

BRAMA's focus is two-fold:
1) to foster economic development with and within Ukraine, and
2) to participate in the acquaintance, re-acquaintance, and evolution of Ukrainian culture throughout the world in both traditional and untraditional settings.

The future holds no bounds for this website, as it's principals have the vision and talent to develop BRAMA into a total media service.


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