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    If you don't have the time to pick up maps and a travel guide, and you read/speak Ukrainian, we recommend that you purchase the L'viv Yellow Pages (Zoloti Storinky) at a local bookstore in downtown L'viv. Although it's a bit too large to stuff into your pocket, it's only about 1/2 inch thick, and is quite easy to carry around. It contains maps of tram/bus/trolley routes, street maps, city history, emergency information, not to mention phone numbers! Everything you could possibly need to make your way through town.

    Recommended guide books:

    Lviv Pocket Guide
  • (small yellow booklet 4.25"x5.75")
  • 47 pages, color photos
  • History; city highlights; lists: museums, theatre, hotels, important tel #'s.
  • Text in English only
  • Map in Ukrainian only
  • Lightweight, perfect for the 1 or 2-day tour
  • Published by:
    13 sv. Teodor Pl.
    tel: (380 322) 72 49 21

  • Lviv, sightseeing guide
  • 500 pages, 975 illus.
  • 53x94cm (5"x8.5")
  • History; city highlights with recommended tour routes; complete tourist info in a yellow pages format.
  • Text: Ukrainian and English
  • Heavy to carry around, but very thorough content.
  • Published by:
    "Tsentr Evropy" (Center of Europe)
    29000 Lviv
    vul. Kostyushko, 18
    3rd fl. (307)
    tel/fax: 72-35-66

  • Emergency Phone Numbers

  • 01 - Fire
  • 02 - Police
  • 03 - Medical/Ambulance


  • 073 - Local
  • 079 - International


  • 79-90-71 - to order a taxi

    Train Station

    Ploscha Vokzal'na 13
    tel: 005
    to order tickets: 39-0051, -52, -53

    Air Ticket Office

    tel: 72-75-58

    Main Post Office

    vul. Slovats'koho 1
    tel: 065

    Favorite Hotels

    Grand Hotel
    Prospekt Svobody 13
    tel: 76-90-60

    a little less expensive
    Hotel George
    Ploscha Myts'kevycha 1
    tel: 72-59-52

    Favorite Restaurants

    Grand Hotel
    Prospekt Svobody 13

    Pid Levom
    Ploscha Rynok

    Favorite Bookstore

    Ploscha Myts'kevycha 10

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