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BRAMA Business and Commerce Friday, April 25, 2014, 03:54 EDT
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Business News: Top Stories
 ·  Russia, EC Slovakia and Ukraine may meet to tackle natural gas crisis (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Interagency commission drops Ukraine antidumping PVC case against US (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Yatseniuk predicting fast action on Ukrainian IMF loan request (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Oil edges further above $109 on Ukraine tensions (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Russia says firms leaving over sanctions can't return soon (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Akhmetovís miners go on strike (KHPG)
 ·  Obama to Russia: More sanctions are 'teed up' (Yahoo/AP)
 ·  Exclusive: EU considers ban on deals with banks in Crimea (Reuters)
 ·  Ukraine Said to Receive IMF Staff Support for $17 Billion Loan (Bloomberg)
 ·  Russian social media CEO quits, flees country [VKontakte founder Pavel Durov] (Yahoo/AP)
 ·  Oil below $102 as US crude supplies seen rising (Yahoo/AP)
 ·  PM: Ukraine seeking US and European investors for gas transit (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  EnergoAtom to start using Westinghouse nuke fuel assemblies in 2015 (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  EU, Ukraine, Slovakia to hold reverse-flow gas talks on Thursday (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Russia offers gas talks with EU, Ukraine in Moscow on April 28 (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  The End Is Approaching For Eastern Ukrainian Oligarchs (Business Insider)
 ·  Trouble in Ukraine lifts prices for corn, wheat (Yahoo/AP)
 ·  Crimea energy firm says better off under Russia (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Russia's Lukoil says it still plans to launch Ukraine refinery (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Ukraine court seizes Odessa refinery -ministry (Reuters)
 ·  Trade unions urge coal miners to avoid falling for 'political tricks' (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Ukraineís Unpaid Gas Bills Dwarf U.S. Aid Offer (Businessweek)
 ·  Economy to fall 3% this year, with 12% inflation, government projects (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Ukraine Economy Battered by Political Turmoil (VOA)
 ·  Russia plans Crimea casino boom (BBC)
 ·  Oil dips towards $109 after steep gains, eyeing Ukraine (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Russia bars some Ukrainian banks from Crimea (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Ukrainian Gas Broker Faces Scrutiny (The New York Times)
 ·  US ready to target Russian presidentís hidden $40bn stash (The London Times)
 ·  Japan PM talks to U.S. Vice President Biden about Ukraine, trade (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  PrivatBank chairman lauds NBU for moves against currency speculators (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Ukraine Seeks Renewable-Energy Investors to Loosen Russia's Grip (Businessweek)
 ·  Oil slips towards $109 after six-week high on Ukraine (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Weaker local currency helps Ukraine's miner Ferrexpo to cut costs (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Putin says to speed up process of switching Crimea to ruble (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Oil near $104 as traders weigh supplies, Ukraine (Yahoo/AP)
 ·  Putin says Ukraine has a month to pay for gas before prepayment (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Putin says aid to Crimea will not exceed 100 billion roubles (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  EU warns Russia against using gas for politics (Yahoo/AP)
 ·  US readies sanctions on Russia, aid for Ukraine (Yahoo/AP)
 ·  NBU cuts off 14 hryvnia bear banks from interbank currency market (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Ukraine launches criminal investigator against Russia's biggest lender (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  EU agrees to Putin's call for gas security talks (Reuters)
 ·  Putin says impossible for Europe to stop buying Russian gas (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Russia Economy Worsens Even Before Sanctions Hit (The New York Times)
 ·  Oil rises toward $110 as Ukraine tension rises (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  German company starts gas deliveries to Ukraine (Yahoo/AP)
 ·  DTEK enhances security at facilities following separatist action (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Ukraine says ready to pay gas debt to Russia at lower price (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  BP head says Russian business unaffected by sanctions (Yahoo/Reuters)

Other News

 ·  05/20/2014 Skills to Succeed Young Professionals and Their Challenges with Andriy J. Semotiuk [NY-NJ-Metro]
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