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Business News: Top Stories
 ·  Ukraine Election Carries Peril for Dollar Bondholders (Bloomberg)
 ·  Naftogaz asks Stockholm arbitration court to change Gazprom contract (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Russia and Ukraine fail to reach gas deal (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Russia calls Europe's bluff on Ukraine gas deal (Fortune)
 ·  Ukraine’s winter gas package almost settled, but cash still an issue (EurActiv)
 ·  Ukraine needs additional four million tonnes of coal - Yatseniuk (Ukrinform)
 ·  Boeing launches office in Kyiv (Kyiv Post)
 ·  Ukraine relies on South African coal to stay warm during winter (Kyiv Post)
 ·  Russia shares reverse gains on gas impasse, rating fears (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Russia says Ukraine should find money to pay for gas within a week (Reuters)
 ·  Russia Loses Oil Ally in De Margerie After Moscow Crash (Yahoo/Bloomberg)
 ·  Ukraine, Russia end gas talks without breakthrough (Yahoo/AP)
 ·  Putin Steals the Asia-Europe Show—and Brings Big Disappointment (Eurasia Daily Monitor)
 ·  High-stakes Russia-Ukraine-EU gas talks begin in Brussels (Yahoo/AFP)
 ·  Merkel: Allies should help Ukraine pay Russian gas debt (Yahoo/AFP)
 ·  EBRD considers investments in Ukraine that are riskier than normal (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  EU approval of Russian pipeline would be a move against Ukraine (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Moscow: Ukraine expects the West to pay its $3.1 billion gas bill (EurActiv)
 ·  Russia This Week: Putin’s Neo-Imperialism and the Price of Oil (The Interpreter)
 ·  Ruble Advances vs Dollar as Oil Rebounds: Russia Reality Check (Bloomberg)
 ·  Russia, Ukraine Seek Interim Gas Accord at Brussels Talks (Bloomberg)
 ·  Ukraine asks for big EU loan during gas standoff (Yahoo/AP)
 ·  Russia-Ukraine War’s Impact on European Energy—A Net Assessment of Developments in Europe’s Energy Security Strategy Since the Start of 2014 (Eurasia Daily Monitor)
 ·  EU Must Help Ukraine Secure Gas Supply, Says UK Foreign Secretary (Wall Street Journal)
 ·  Russia Won't Accept Terms to End Sanctions Over Ukraine (Bloomberg)
 ·  U.S. to scrap trade deal on Russian steel duties (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Hope and obstacles as Russia and Ukraine seek gas deal (Reuters)
 ·  No agreements on gas reached in Milan - Yatseniuk (Ukrinform)
 ·  Ukraine says Russia has agreed to supply gas (Yahoo/AP)
 ·  Poroshenko Says Ukraine Will Have Gas This Winter (RFE/RL)
 ·  Moody's Downgrades Russia's Credit Rating (RFE/RL)
 ·  Moody's cuts Russia's rating to 'Baa2' from 'Baa1' (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Russia and Ukraine Gas Agreement (VIDEO). President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia said that he and President Petro O. Poroshenko of Ukraine had agreed on the terms of natural gas supplies “at least for the winter period.” (The New York Times)
 ·  Russia's Ruble Hits a New Low Amid Warnings of Recession (VICE News)
 ·  OSCE-supported online platform for public administration services in construction industry launched in Ukraine (OSCE)
 ·  Op-ed: Nuclear Fusion Won't Save Ukraine. By Leonid Bershidsky (Bloomberg)
 ·  Ukraine says progress made on gas deal with Russia (Yahoo/AFP)
 ·  Ukraine's Poroshenko says 'basic parameters' of Russia gas deal agreed (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Government launches web instruments for investors willing to place money in Ukraine (Kyiv Post)
 ·  Small businesses show off their products as consumers look for Ukraine-made stuff (Kyiv Post)
 ·  Russia and Ukraine reach tentative gas deal in tough Milan talks (Reuters)
 ·  Op-ed: Russia's Control of Business Is Now a Global Trend (The Moscow Times)
 ·  Russia takes EU to court over Ukraine sanctions (Financial Times)
 ·  Can Europe wean itself off Russian gas? [Tweet from Maxim Eristavi (@MaximEristavi)] (Twitter)
 ·  Majority of Russians say Western sanctions will help economy: poll (Reuters)
 ·  Rouble's plunge shows Russia's reliance on Western money (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Putin, Poroshenko to discuss gas deal, peace moves in Italy (Reuters)
 ·  Poroshenko Seeks Merkel’s Support as Russia Bristles (Bloomberg)
 ·  MIT professor from Donbas says Ukraine still a Soviet, command economy (Kyiv Post)
 ·  Putin: Sanctions blocking peace attempts (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Ukraine and Poland in talks about $247 million natgas pipeline project (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  The Impact of the Crisis in Ukraine on the European Gas Market (Brookings)
 ·  Ukraine approves sweeping corruption laws (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Conflict With Russia Reaches Ukrainian Stores (RFE/RL)
 ·  IMF and World Bank ready to provide more help, says NBU chief (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Naftogaz lodges 2009 Gazprom gas contract case with Stockholm tribunal (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Ukraine economy to shrink up to 9%: finance ministry (Yahoo/AFP)
 ·  Putin Loses His Best Friend: Expensive Oil (Yahoo/Bloomberg)
 ·  Crashing oil prices could crush Vladimir Putin October 15 (CNN)
 ·  Putin says gas transit to Europe via Ukraine still problematic (Reuters)
 ·  Positive anti-corruption laws passed with dubious amendments (KHPG)
 ·  What do Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine have in common? (Christian Science Monitor)
 ·  Putin Immune to Economic Decline – So Far (The Moscow Times)
 ·  Ukraine boosts stored natgas reserves by 0.15% over past week (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  IMF $27 billion lifeline okay for now, according to finance minister (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Ukraine central bank chief says IMF ready to help more (Reuters)
 ·  Ukraine Releases Coins Celebrating Victory Over Russians (The Moscow Times)
 ·  Kremlin sanctions against EU bite into Moscow luxury cheese boutique sales (+VIDEO) (Ukraine Today)
 ·  Ukraine Grannies Outprice Banks on Hryvnia Black Market (Yahoo/Bloomberg)
 ·  European firms in Russia say they fear being 'sacrificed' in Ukraine standoff (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Protests outside Ukrainian parliament turn violent (VIDEO) (Ukraine Today)
 ·  OPEC Split as Oil Prices Fall Sharply (The New York Times)
 ·  Kyiv keeps murky firm for metro contract that critics say will waste millions; Klitschko's people defend deal (Kyiv Post)
 ·  Russian Central Bank Admits Defeat Over Defending The Ruble (Business Insider)
 ·  Merkel 'cautiously optimistic' on Ukraine gas deal (Yahoo/AP)
 ·  Russia Moves Ruble Band in Biggest Intervention Since March (Bloomberg)
 ·  OSCE confirms Russian truck convoys transporting coal out of Luhansk Region [UNIAN] (Euromaidan Press)
 ·  The Russia-China Gas Deal: Implications and Ramifications (World Affairs Journal)
 ·  Ukraine may impose targeted sanctions against listed Russian companies (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Ukraine foreign currency reserves bolstered by IMF injection (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Sanctions and the War in Ukraine are Crippling Russia's Economy (VICE News)
 ·  Russian hacking attack takes aim at leadership in Moscow (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  REFILE-Finnish energy ties with Russia deepen despite Ukraine crisis (Reuters)
 ·  Ukraine Wants New IMF Bailout as War Squeezes Economy (Voice of America)
 ·  RPT-Ukraine pins economic hopes on conflict-hit industry (Reuters)
 ·  Ukraine’s southern region to switch to firewood due to fuel shortage (ITAR-TASS)
 ·  Battered Russian economy faces more pain over Ukraine: IMF (Yahoo/AFP)
 ·  Russian entrepreneurs vote with feet as troubles mount (Yahoo/AFP)
 ·  Gazprom proposes to pay for gas transit with Ukrainian debt (Russia Beyond the Headlines)
 ·  Ukraine's Jan-Aug natural gas consumption down 15.5% on year (Platts)
 ·  Norway's Statoil agrees to sell natgas to Ukraine's Naftogaz (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Secretary Pritzker's emotional ties to Ukraine (Fortune)
 ·  Ruble Weakens Past 40 Per Dollar on Oil Price Falls and Ukraine Skirmishes (The Moscow Times)
 ·  Putin Clans Said Gridlocked Over Arrest as Sanctions Bite (Bloomberg)
 ·  Ceasefire offers hope to Russian candy factory owned by Ukraine leader (Reuters)
 ·  JPMorgan Cyber Attack: Russians Behind? (Business Insider)
 ·  Russia says South Stream gas pipeline is going ahead: Interfax (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  United States officially deprives Russia of all trade benefits (Ukrinform)
 ·  [Russian] Hackers’ Attack Cracked 10 Companies in Major Assault (The New York Times)
 ·  Norway's Statoil sells gas to Ukraine's Naftogaz (Reuters)

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