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BRAMA Business and Commerce Thursday, August 28, 2014, 23:13 EDT
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Business News: Top Stories
 ·  Freezing The Donbas (RFE/RL)
 ·  Eurasia Drilling warns of sanctions impact in Russia (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  EU seeks to secure winter gas supply in Ukraine crisis: Oettinger (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Ukraine, Russian debt selloff deepens on troop movement reports (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  'Ukraine invasion' fears send ruble to five-month low (Yahoo/AFP)
 ·  Ukrainian PM Yatseniuk asks U.S., EU and G7 to freeze Russian assets (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Russia Wants Say in EU-Ukraine Association Deal (The Moscow Times)
 ·  Government to support hryvnia by replenishing NBU reserves by $340 mln (Ukrinform)
 ·  Russian Hackers Reportedly Hit JPMorgan, Other Banks (NPR)
 ·  Ukraine Declares Russian Invasion as Sanctions Threat Raised (Bloomberg)
 ·  IMF says Ukraine on track with conditions of loan programme (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Oettinger says EU's Russian gas via Ukraine probably safe (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Ukraine's Hryvnia Currency Continues Free Fall. Hryvnia Loses 1.7% to Trade at Weakest Level Ever Against Dollar (The Wall Street Journal)
 ·  Russia says not interested in confrontation, 'sanctions spiral' (Reuters)
 ·  Official report: Russia is a threat to Bulgaria (EurActiv)
 ·  Russia denies it has plans to block gas transit to Europe (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Swiss outline new measures to stop bypassing of sanctions on Russia (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Ukraine Prime Minister Says Russia Planning to Cut Off Gas to Europe (The Moscow Times/Reuters)
 ·  EU Case Against Russia's Import Bans Would Unravel WTO (The Moscow Times)
 ·  Rothschild to participate in consortium selling Poroshenko assets (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  OCCRP presents: The Russian laundromat (Kyiv Post)
 ·  Russia allows dairy imports from Turkish firms after Western food ban (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  S&P, Dow weaker after Ukraine tension escalates (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Interview: Economist Says Food Ban 'Certainly Against Russian Economic Interests' (RFE/RL)
 ·  Economy minister quits, voicing criticism of government policy (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Financial Times: Ukraine's worsening finances pose dilemma for IMF (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Gazprom says Ukraine's unpaid gas bill tops $5 billion (Reuters)
 ·  Ukraine Economy Minister Pavlo Sheremeta Resigns (The Moscow Times)
 ·  A Fast-Food Symbol of America Falls in Moscow (The New York Times)
 ·  Bulgaria says it has ‘frozen’ South Stream, but pipes continue to arrive (EurActiv)
 ·  Austria's Raiffeisen Bank Says Huge Russian Business Safe From Sanctions (The Moscow Times/Reuters)
 ·  Explainer: Moscow's Food War With West Could Hurt Russia Most (RFE/RL)
 ·  Russia's Food Import Ban Sends Container Ships Home to Senders (The Moscow Times)
 ·  PM: Cost of war effort hampering reforms (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Economic Development and Trade Minister Sheremeta confirms his resignation (Ukrinform)
 ·  Eastern war damages estimated at billions of dollars, says PM (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Switzerland rejects requests from EU firms to bypass Russia’s food ban (EurActiv)
 ·  Russia strangling Ukraine’s economy — Yatseniuk, Shlapak (Euromaidan Press)
 ·  Russians may soon cut gas supplies to Europe, says Ukrainian official (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Ukrainians expect to lose 15% of grain crop due to fighting (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Russia Suspends Operations at 4 McDonald's Restaurants in Moscow (The Moscow Times)
 ·  Ukraine to auction off gas transportation system by year end (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  After food ban, Russia markets shrimp “from Belarus” (EurActiv)
 ·  President and deputies of faction 'Batkivshchyna' discussed the prospects of ratification of the Association Agreement with the EU (
 ·  Ukraine asks IMF to combine two aid tranches for total of $2.2 billion: IFX (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Russia economic funk ripples out through ex-Soviet states (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Russia's MTS cuts full-year targets due to Ukraine (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Ukraine conflict is draining economy, hampering reforms - PM Yatseniuk (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Ukraine Seeks Swiss Help in Recovering Former Regime's Frozen Assets (Wall Street Journal)
 ·  Crash in Oil Prices Deals Blow to Sanctions-Hit Russian Economy ['Russia has balanced its budget at $114 a barrel this year...(but prices are) falling well below $100 a barrel] (The Moscow Times)
 ·  Putin's Achilles' Heel: Tighter Energy Sector Sanctions (Huffington Post)
 ·  Ukraine to soon start building $1 billion Odessa LNG terminal (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Work at steel mills, chemical plants, halted by shell attacks (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Chevron interested in Ukrainian gas network: report (Yahoo/AFP)
 ·  Russian sanctions to hit Dutch exports by $400 million euros: stats office (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Dutch review energy ties with Russia after MH17 crash (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Bulgaria suspends South Stream gas pipeline project (BBC)
 ·  Investors Raise Their Shields Against Russia (Wall Street Journal)
 ·  Reindeer Meat to Replace Banned U.S. Chicken in Russia's Far East (The Moscow Times)
 ·  Russia pushes ahead with ruble free float plans (Yahoo/AFP)
 ·  Ukraine plans to build LNG terminal near Odesa in nearest future – Turchynov (Interfax-Russia)
 ·  Grounds for sanctions against Russia remain valid, EU body decides (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  EU farmers handed €125 million to offset Russia sanctions (EurActiv)
 ·  Russia looks for ways to soften impact of food import bans (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Europe shares rally as Ukraine fears ease, oil drops [was 'Asian stocks stall as Ukraine sours mood, dollar sags'] (Reuters)
 ·  Russia may ban import of cars if West applies new sanctions: paper (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Europe shares rally as fear of Ukrainian escalation eases (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Belarussian oysters anyone? EU food trade looks to sidestep Russian ban (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Slovakia launches test pumping of gas for Ukraine (Ukrinform)
 ·  Russian accused of hacking detained by U.S. (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Stocks Erase Losses as Ukraine Conflict Boosts Oil Prices (Bloomberg)
 ·  Europe 'shot itself in foot' with Russia sanctions: Hungary PM (Reuters)
 ·  Rosneft requests $42bn loan from Russian government (BBC)
 ·  French Politician to Build Historical Amusement Park in Crimea (The Moscow Times)
 ·  'Billionaire' Kurchenko's allegedly corrupt empire serviced by army of 102 lawyers (Kyiv Post)
 ·  Rada votes to allow EU and European companies in on natgas projects (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Customs Union invites Ukraine, US and EU to Minsk conference (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Parliament empowers Poroshenko to halt Russian gas transit to Europe (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Damage of infrastructure in the east is a massive blow to economy (INFOGRAPHIC) (Kyiv Post)
 ·  Q&A: Moscow City Vies for Investors, Despite Ukraine Tensions (The Moscow Times)
 ·  As Crimea Braces For Billions in Development Funds, Russia's Other Regions Take a Back Seat (The Moscow Times)
 ·  Global stocks rise on Putin comments, bonds yields fall (Reuters)
 ·  Putin's Ukraine gamble hastens exodus of Russian money and talent (Reuters)
 ·  Ukraine approves law on sanctions against Russia (Reuters)
 ·  Ukraine to start testing Slovakian route for European gas supplies (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Russians extend import bans to Ukrainian-made vodka and beer (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Putin says Russia should not 'fence itself off' from West (Yahoo/AFP)
 ·  Oil prices in fresh falls (Yahoo/AFP)
 ·  Putin says many European leaders want to end sanctions standoff (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Swiss parliament cancels visit by Putin ally on EU sanctions list (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Slovak PM warns 'meaningless' Russia sanctions will jeopardize EU economy (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Slovak gas pipeline to Ukraine to start tests on Aug 16 (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Slovakia grumbles as EU begins crisis Russia food ban talks (EurActiv)
 ·  Putin says Russia should aim to sell energy in roubles (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Ukraine Passes Law On Russia Sanctions, Gas Pipelines (RFE/RL)
 ·  President approved ratification of the Agreement with Japanese Government on the loan of up to JPY 10 billion for the support of economic reforms (
 ·  EU seeks to take sting out of Russia food ban (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Slovak PM critical of Ukraine for sanctions (Yahoo/AP)
 ·  Kiev warns of growing risk of Russian gas supply disruption to Europe (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Estonian PM: Biggest sanctions losers will be ordinary Russian consumers (EurActiv)

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