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Business News: Top Stories
 ·  Germany providing Ukraine with EUR25 million for displaced housing (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Ukrainians gear up for winter without Russian gas (Yahoo/AP)
 ·  EU keeps Russia sanctions over Ukraine in place (Yahoo/AFP)
 ·  EU gives more aid to farmers hurt by Russia sanctions (Yahoo/AFP)
 ·  EU farmers to get more aid to deal with Russian food ban (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  EU keeps Russia sanctions in place, sees 'encouraging' signs (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  EU calls for proper implementation of Ukraine agreement (Reuters)
 ·  Global stocks head for worst quarter since euro crisis, dollar soars (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Ukraine cuts exports to Customs Union by third (Ukrinform)
 ·  Komorowski calls on EU countries to respond to Russia's energy blackmail (Ukrinform)
 ·  Russian Lawmakers Boycott Russian-American Business Council (RFE/RL)
 ·  Gas problems coming, Czech official says (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Russia issues another retaliation threat against EU trade deal (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Ukraine Not Ready for Winter Without Russian Gas (Eurasia Daily Monitor)
 ·  Ruble Weakens Close to Intervention Level: Russia Reality Check (Yahoo/Bloomberg)
 ·  Russia warns Ukraine, EU over free-trade pact (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  ExxonMobil suspends cooperation with Rosneft on Arctic oil project -Kommersant newspaper (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Russia withdraws USD 1.2 billion from Ukraine this year (Ukrinform)
 ·  Russia threatens Ukraine with 'measures' for Association in November (Ukrinform)
 ·  Russia cannot change EU-Ukraine deal - EU trade nominee (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Op-ed: Financial Chernobyl Threatens Kiev's Moderates (The Moscow Times)
 ·  U.S. sanctions could leave Exxon with nothing from new Russian oil discovery (Examiner)
 ·  EU proposes deal to ensure Ukraine gas supplies (Yahoo/AP)
 ·  Russia Is Considering A Crazy New Law That Would Allow The State To Seize Foreign Assets (Yahoo/Business Insider)
 ·  The Kings of Donbas: Where are they now? (Ukrainska Pravda/New Eastern Europe)
 ·  Russia warns Europe of possible gas cuts over Ukraine (Yahoo/AFP)
 ·  Russia says EU mustn't re-export gas to Ukraine: report (Yahoo/AFP)
 ·  Oil prices rise on geopolitical concerns (Yahoo/AFP)
 ·  Russia moves to take control of oil firm from billionaire (Reuters)
 ·  Naftogaz confirms halt of reverse gas supplies from Hungary (Ukrinform)
 ·  EU proposing deal to ensure Ukraine gas supplies (Yahoo/AP)
 ·  G7 leaders warn Russia of more sanctions (Yahoo/AFP)
 ·  Exclusive - Ukraine prime minister says Russians 'want us to freeze' (Reuters)
 ·  Hungarys FGSZ suspends gas supply to Ukraine (Itar-Tass)
 ·  Russian malware used by 'privateer' hackers against Ukrainian government (The Guardian)
 ·  Investors Flock to Russia ETF as Ukraine Tension Eases (Bloomberg)
 ·  President says how he will save hryvnia (Ukrinform)
 ·  Yatsenyuk Urges No Lifting Of Russian Sanctions (+VIDEO) (RFE/RL)
 ·  Ukraine Probes Ex-Minister Over $3 Billion Russian Bond [former Finance Minister Yuriy Kolobov] (Bloomberg)
 ·  Obama Says US Would Lift Sanctions if Russia Pulls Back in Ukraine (National Journal)
 ·  Lithuania Feels Squeeze in Sanctions War With Russia (New York Times)
 ·  Polish miners block trains with cheap Russian coal (EurActiv)
 ·  Moscow Trading Desks Split by War in Ukraine (Bloomberg)
 ·  Corruption Is the Backbone of Putin's Power (The Moscow Times)
 ·  Ukraines political insecurity makes future uncertain for Solovey (Velo News)
 ·  Ukraine May Need Far More Foreign Aid to Rescue Its Economy (Wall Street Journal)
 ·  Moscow Trading Desks Split by War in Ukraine (Bloomberg)
 ·  Putin warns Ukraine against implementing EU deal -letter (Reuters)
 ·  Ukraine to use energy consumption cuts to bridge gas gap this winter (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Exclusive - Ukraine crisis risks recession for Europe: El-Erian (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Austria's Raffeisen Bank Driven to Loss by Ukraine (Wall Street Journal)
 ·  Ukraine Eurobonds plunge as markets sense restructuring pain (Reuters)
 ·  EU's Almunia readying antitrust charges against Gazprom (EurActiv)
 ·  Germans ignore international embargo against Russian-occupied Crimea (KHPG)
 ·  Europe wants Russia, Ukraine to sign interim gas deal in Berlin (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Ukraine loses 1.2 million tonnes of coal due to events in Donbas (Ukrinform)
 ·  Russia faces years of stagnation, says former finance minister (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  NBU draws up additional administrative measures to stabilize hryvnia (Ukrainian Journal)
 ·  Russian Lender VTB Warns of Hit From Ukraine Crisis (Wall Street Journal)
 ·  High Hopes for Russia Are Fading on Wall St. (The New York Times)
 ·  Ukraine crisis costs Russia's VTB $674 million in 2014 -news agencies (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Putin wants to leave Russian banks in Ukraine (Ukrinform)
 ·  Putin plans to attend G20 summit in Australia - agency cites Kremlin's spokesman (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Kickstarting New Tech Products from Kiev (Yahoo)
 ·  Ukraine Is On The Brink Of Total Economic Collapse (Business Insider)
 ·  Russias CIS Grocery Off To Flying Start Amid Sanctions (RFE/RL)
 ·  The Rebel War Against Ukraine's Top Oligarch ['Rinat Akhmetov, whos worth an estimated $10.9 billion'] (Businessweek)
 ·  Russia does not want 'closed economy': PM (Yahoo/AFP)
 ·  G20 nations want Vladimir Putin at summit despite Ukraine tensions (The Guardian/AFP)
 ·  Pabst Is Sold to Russian Beverage Company (The New York Times)
 ·  Over UAH 63 bln spent on anti-terrorist operation this year - Herashchenko (Ukrinform)
 ·  Ratification, capitulation, and postponement, all at the same time in Kyiv (EurActiv)
 ·  Government approves plan for implementation of Association Agreement with EU (Ukrinform)
 ·  As EU, Ukraine ratify pact, doubts over the future of relations grow (EurActiv)
 ·  Ukraine lawmakers ratify landmark deal with Europe (Yahoo/AP)
 ·  Western sanctions to hamper Russias big oil projects (EurActiv)
 ·  Ukraine will delay implementation of EU deal (Yahoo/AP)
 ·  Ukraine May Harm Itself by Slapping Sanctions on Russia (Eurasia Daily Monitor)
 ·  Ukraine Liveblog Day 207: EU Sanctions Come Into Effect (The Interpreter)
 ·  Russia fears sanctions on refineries, expects gasoline shortages (Reuters)
 ·  U.S. steps up sanctions on Russia over Ukraine (Reuters)
 ·  Nation scrambles to avoid electricity blackouts as war forces coal shortage in carbon-rich east (Kyiv Post)
 ·  President: Peace will facilitate the inflow of investments (
 ·  New EU sanctions against Russia come into effect (EurActiv)
 ·  Seizure of assets from graft up, but little money returned (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  EU imposes new economic sanctions on Russia over Ukraine (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Russian central bank sees 'prolonged' impact from Western sanctions (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Russia threatens import tariffs on Ukrainian goods if EU agreement-reports (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  Ukraine to ratify EU pact next week: Poroshenko [September 16] (Yahoo/AFP)
 ·  Poland resumes gas deliveries to Ukraine (Yahoo/AP)
 ·  Ukrainian Tech Gem Conference: Ukraine Rocks the Tech Stage of San Francisco! (YouTube)
 ·  Poland Resumes Gas Deliveries to Ukraine. Kiev Was Forced to Import Gas Through Poland and Slovakia After Gazprom Halted Supplies to Ukraine (The Wall Street Journal)
 ·  Gov't approved propositions to the NSDC regarding personal sanctions as result of Russian aggression (
 ·  Arseniy Yatsenyuk appealed to the EU to check Russia's actions regarding cutting gas supplies to EU states (
 ·  Ukraine Moves to Exclude Russia Companies From 3G Auction (Bloomberg)
 ·  EU, U.S. Beef Up Russia Sanctions Over Ukraine (RFE/RL)
 ·  With Gas Cut Off, Ukraine Looks West (The New York Times)
 ·  Sanctions Over Ukraine Put Exxon at Risk (The Wall Street Journal)
 ·  Russia says unaware of Berlin meeting on Ukraine gas crisis (Yahoo/Reuters)
 ·  EU delays new Russia sanctions (EurActiv)

Other News

 ·  10/10/2014 thru 10/12/2014 National Convention - League of Ukrainian Catholics [USA-Northeast]
 ·  10/25/2014 Nashi Predky Our Ancestors 2014 Family History Group Conference [NY-NJ-Metro]
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