BRAMA - Parties Registered for the March 1998
Election in Ukraine-by Organizational Affiliations

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The following information is listed alphabetically in English and was obtained from various sources deemed reliable including Holos Ukrainy, RFE/RL, UN and IMF publications, Den, however, responsiblities for errors are our own. Please report any errors of commission and omission to BRAMA.
Party Affiliation by
Administration Business Press Trade Unions
Administration affiliations
-- The NDP list includes Premier Pustovoytenko, an assistant to Pustovoytenko, Minister of the Cabinet Anatoliy Tolstoukhov, and Deputy Minister of the Cabinet Oleh Petrov.
-- The Labor-Liberal list includes counselor to Kuchma (and his former chief of staff and top aide) Dmytro Tabachnyk.
-- The Working Ukraine bloc list includes Minister of Foreign Economic Ties Serhiy Osyka and first assistant to the premier Andriy Derkach.
-- The Party of National Economic Development list includes Minister of Transport Valeriy Cherep, Internal Affairs First Deputy Minister Leonid Borodych, First Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Oil, Gas, and Refining Ihor Bakay, and two deputy ministers.
-- The DemPU-NEP list includes Kuchma assistants Oleksandr Volkov and Volodymyr Ryzhov.
-- The Slon list includes counselor to the president Volodymyr Hrynyov and an assistant to Pustovoytenko.
-- The Greens list includes an assistant to presidential Administration head Yevhen Kushnaryov.
-- The Agrarian Party, which was organized by the government to counter the leftist SelPU, includes two deputy agriculture ministers and a consultant to the president's Administration.
-- The Rukh list has two cabinet ministers--Foreign Minister Hennadiy Udovenko and Minister for Protection of the Environment and Nuclear Safety Yuriy Kostenko--as well as presidential counselor for agriculture Vasyl Shepa.
-- The leftist SPU-SelPU list includes Economy Minister Viktor Suslov.
-- The United Social-Democratic Party list (headed by Kravchuk and Marchuk) includes Vasyl Kremen, deputy head of Kuchma's Administration and chief of his Domestic Policy Directorate, and Yuriy Rybchynskyy, presidential counselor for culture.

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Business affiliations
-- Former YeESU head Tymoshenko, who reportedly built up Hromada with money from YeESU, is No. 6 on the Hromada list, and a couple of YeESU officials are also on the list. While Lazarenko was premier, YeESU became the favored distributor of natural gas.
-- Ihor Bakay, now first deputy chairman of the State Committee for Oil, Gas, and Refining, but earlier head of the Respublika Corporation, is No. 5 on the Party of National Economic Development list. Bakay's company had been one of the most favored natural gas companies under Kravchuk. Bakay later became president of Interhaz, which is currently favored by the government.
-- Oleh Bakay, president of Interhaz and Ihor's brother, is on the Ukrainian Republican Christian Party list.
-- A first vice president of Interhaz is on the Christian Democratic list. Interhaz's share of the gas market increased under Premier Pustovoytenko.
-- President of Itera-Ukraine Anatoliy Volkovskyy is on the United Social-Democratic list. Itera is closely allied with Russia's Gazprom, which has been trying to get it into the top position in the natural gas market.
-- The Party of National Economic Development appears to largely represent one bank--Prominvestbank, reportedly "the country's biggest and most powerful commercial bank". Prominvestbank head Volodymyr Matviyenko is No. 1 on its list and there are 15 other Prominvestbank officials on the 53- member list. The party's list also includes officials of other banks.
-- Chairman of the board of the First Ukrainian International Bank Ihor Yushko is on the list of the Party of Regional Rebirth.
-- The NDP list includes Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (USPP) President Anatoliy Kinakh as No. 5.
-- The Labor-Liberal bloc led by former Donetsk Governor Volodymyr Shcherban and former Deputy Premier Valentyn Landyk is close to industry since both these leaders and also their parties have long been involved in business circles. Landyk himself heads the Nord refrigerator factory.

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Press Affiliations
-- The chief editors of the prominent papers Pravda Ukrainy and Holos Ukrainy are running on the Hromada list, illustrating Hromada's strong ties with the press. Pravda Ukrainy has been blatantly pro-Hromada lately. Although Holos Ukrainy actually belongs to the Supreme Soviet and should theoretically represent Supreme Soviet Chairman Moroz and the leftists who are the largest group in the parliament, it has, however, been running pro- Lazarenko articles lately, for example, a 10 January article NNNNaccusing Premier Pustovoytenko of "repressions against YeESU," "blocking the corporation's accounts, organizing numerous unwarranted inspections by control and law enforcement agencies," and "forcing YeESU out of the gas market."
-- The president and chief editor of the large-circulation daily Kievskiye Vedomosti Viktor Chayka is on Rukh's list. However, there recently has been a public split between the paper and Rukh. Rukh leader Chornovil recently became enfuriated with Kievskiye Vedomosti's independent line and attacked Chayka for allegedly running "anti-Rukh articles in every issue" of the paper. Owner Mykhaylo Brodskyy repeated his paper's support for Rukh but said he would not "gag" his journalists just to please Rukh. Moreover, Chayka and Brodskyy declared that when they had joined Rukh they had "no intention of forcing their political views on the paper's collective". Brodskyy had been having disputes with Chornovil, who refused to aid the newspaper or to support Brodskyy when he recently tried to run for mayor of Kiev. On 24 January Brodskyy and Chayka authored a Kievskiye Vedomosti article assailing Chornovil for dictatorial and bumbling leadership of Rukh, for protecting corrupt officials, and for being too close to Kuchma ("running errands" for Kuchma). Chornovil in late January got Rukh to expel Chayka and Brodskyy from Rukh for "violating party discipline" and bitterly denounced them.
-- The chief editor of Silski Visti, Ukraine's top circulation paper, is on the SPU-SelPU list, reflecting the paper's sympathies with leftist, agrarian interests.
-- Editor of the business paper Dilova Ukraina is on the Labor- Liberal list
-- Editors of the Donetsk paper Donetskiy Kryazh and the Ivano- Frankivsk paper Prikarpatskaya Pravda are on the Party of Regional Rebirth list.

Trade Unions.
The Workers Party list is largely made up of trade union officials. No. 1 on the list is Oleksandr Stoyan, chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions.
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